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New Mexico Telegram » CD1, Elections, Featured » Chavez alleges “illegal,” “Karl Rove-style” fliers at pre-primary convention (Updated)

Chavez alleges “illegal,” “Karl Rove-style” fliers at pre-primary convention (Updated)

In an email to supporters and on the Chavez campaign website, Chávez has alleged “illegal, anonymous and false attacks on my campaign” in fliers spread at the Democratic pre-primary.

Multiple convention attendees who saw the fliers told the Telegram that the flier featured personal attacks on Chávez.

The mailers broke Federal Election Commission (FEC) disclosure laws. The FEC says such communication “must identify who paid for the message, state that it was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee and list the permanent street address, telephone number or World Wide Web address of the person who paid for the communication.”

Chávez wrote in the e-mail:

As delegates and their families arrived, they were greeted with Karl Rove-style smear fliers. These tactics have no place in this campaign or our Democratic Party.
My opponents’ claims of championing campaign finance reform ring hollow when their own supporters are making illegal attacks while they look the other way. New Mexican voters can tell when candidates just give lip service to vital issues.

Chavez also spent some time in his speech decrying the fliers.

From the Telegram’s Democratic pre-primary convention coverage:

The former mayor asked his candidates to run a clean campaign. He held up a piece of paper that he said was a negative attack on him and that it was “garbage.”

The Chávez campaign also downplayed the victory by Eric Griego in the pre-primary, where Chávez came in second to Griego by a little over 7 percent.

“We’re really pleased with the strong show of grassroots support for Marty’s campaign,” Chávez campaign manager Alan Packman said in a press release following the convention. “These conventions have always been dominated by the types of insiders most likely to support Sen. Griego. Marty’s strength is with everyday people who know his record delivering results for New Mexico’s families as Mayor.”

Update: 3/14/12 3:50 pm

The Telegram has seen a copy of the flier and the description by the multiple attendees is true.

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Matthew Reichbach has blogged about New Mexico politics since 2006. Matthew was a co-founder of New Mexico FBIHOP with his brother and part of the original hirings at the groundbreaking website the New Mexico Independent. Matthew has covered events such as the Democratic National Convention and Netroots Nation. In addition to politics, Matthew is an avid sports fan, especially of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and TV fan.

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7 Responses to "Chavez alleges “illegal,” “Karl Rove-style” fliers at pre-primary convention (Updated)"

  1. Timothy says:

    This sounds like the work of Republicans trying to hurt Democrats. I think it is imperative for the Chavez campaign releases a copy of the flier and refute the content. Democrats need to see what the Republicans will do to take down Democrats. If Chavez does not keep a copy, someone who received a copy should put it online and post a link. We need to prepare for the dirty tricks the Republicans will use.

    During the 2000 Republican presidential nomination, someone sent a robo call asking people if they would vote for McCain if they knew he fathered an illegitimate black child in South Carolina. The next day a photo of McCain and his family appeared on the cover of the local paper. McCain adopted a child from India, so the photo appeared corroborated the robo call. That is how dirty Rove can be. If the Republicans are doing this type of stuff to Democrats, we need to see what they are doing.

    Once again, Chavez should put the flier online, or someone who received a copy should put it online. We cannot let the Republicans get away with spreading lies.

  2. Gillian Fiser says:

    I was there all day and never saw a flier. I have noticed this is the third story to hit the media around the issue of negative campaigning that the Chavez campaign has literally materialized news from. It’s like unearned media magic. Most News Directors would go into an apoplectic fit if that material made it off a desk. Kudos to his Media Director.

  3. Jim says:

    This seems like a political scam perpetrated by Chavez and his campaign. He never provided anyone with a copy of the flier. Where is the evidence? Where is the flier? Put it online if it exists.

    How are we expected to believe the person who tried to manipulate the party to create an advantage at the convention? Villaregosa endorsed marty. The original copy of the agenda for the convention listed Villaregosa as the key note speaker. It also stated Villaregosa was representing President Obama. When Obama’s organization found out, they pulled the plug. Obama’s team was upset that Marty was trying to make it appear as though Obama was endorsing Marty.

    Most people believe fliergate was orchestrated by Marty and his supporters.

  4. Mary Martinez says:

    I doubt the flier exists. If it does, the only reason he does not want to release the flier is because the information on it is probably true. Even if it did happen, I doubt it was from a campaign. Marty has many enemies. Any number of people could be responsible. Ask his wife if she did it.

  5. Peter says:

    Will someone post a copy of this flier? I appreciate Matt saying he’s seen it, but if this is as serious as Chavez said from the podium, we should see it. If not, we have to doubt his word. Where’s the beef Marty?

  6. Mary Martinez says:

    It will be difficult for anyone to believe the flier was created by anyone other than a Marty staffer. It appears as though only Marty supporters have a copy. If they were put on random cars, people other than Marty supporters would have received a copy. This is a political stunt being used in an attempt to make people forget about Marty’s actions when he was Mayor. Remember, he faced a federal investigation for bribery and got a reprimand from the Board of Ethics for self-dealing.

    Eric, don’t give Marty Hell, keep telling the truth about Marty and he will think it’s Hell.

  7. Peter says:

    Matt, you said you’d seen this flier. Will you please publish it, or explain right away why the Chavez campaign won’t let you do so? Surely media-savvy Chavez would jump at the opportunity to show how badly he’s being treated. Come on bloggers, we trust you to tell the truth more than the Journal or politicos.