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Bid adieu to Adair

Rod Adair, the archconservative Republican state Senator from Roswell, will not run for re-election.

Instead, he will cede the Republican primary to state Sen. Bill Burt, R-Alamogordo, in the district that leans heavily towards Republicans.

“Republicans have fielded more candidates in more competitive districts than ever before,” Adair said in an email reported on by Steve Terrell. “Now is the time to try to effect change. I have determined that I can be of better service to my community and our state by concentrating my efforts on helping these campaigns be successful. That would bring about lasting change.”

Adair is known for, in recent years, his Sarah Palin mug and sometimes being the lone nay vote on bills or memorials that he thinks are unconstitutional. The statement he released upon announcing he will no longer be in the legislature also showed that he is a fierce Republican partisan, going so far as to say his role in electing more Republicans would be more beneficial than being in the state Senate himself.

And there is no love lost for the other party, saying that as a result of redistricting, “we have the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to free the state from more than 80 years of Democrat domination in the legislature. Freeing New Mexico from that yoke would benefit our state for generations to come, in every area of our lives.”

New Mexico hasn’t seen the last of Adair in politics, but the days of seeing Adair sipping from his unique mug in the Senate Finance Committee are over.

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