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Wiener defiant: Won’t resign or suspend his campaign

Bernalillo County commissioner Michael Wiener will not resign his seat or suspend his campaign.

In rejecting the calls to resign from prominent Republicans Gov. Susana Martinez and Albuquerque mayor Richard Berry, he said he doesn’t work for either, according to KOB producer Peter St. Cyr (see tweet below).

The furor has come after Wiener was photographed in a notorious sex tourism hotspot in the Philippines. Wiener claims he was there on a layover, an excuse the photographer told NM Telegram in the interview doesn’t pass the sniff test.

“Well if he was there on a layover, we asked him what he was doing there and he said it was a long story,” John Keatley said. “If you’re just there on a layover, why wouldn’t he just say, ‘I’m on a layover.’ What’s the long story? I’d be curious to know what that is.”

Democrats have also called for Wiener’s resignation, though this isn’t the first time for them. Wiener previously was in hot water for forwarding a racist joke to other government employees.

KRQE reported at the time:

News 13 is not releasing the full text of the e-mail due to the inappropriate nature of the joke. However, the joke makes reference to President Barack Obama, African-Americans, showers and prisons.

Wiener said he is not a racist.

“I certainly have no track record of doing anything to undermine race relations,” Wiener told News 13. “I have many, many friends who are African American.”

Wiener was also accused of sexual harrassment.

Wiener admitted to telling a joke about having a Wiener and a Johnson on the County Commission, but says when he told a woman staffer she was “looking good,” he was talking about her office decor and not her appearance.

Wiener was cleared of that accusations by an independent commission.

But with high-profile Republicans backing his opponent, this might be one controversy that Wiener won’t be able to shake.

Martinez endorsed Wiener’s opponent in the Republican primary, Lonnie Talbert.

Talbert mocked Wiener’s scandal in a Posterous post on Sunday.

While the opposition is answering to pictures of their own. The Talbert Team is marching forward with their message of Respect, Responsibility and Transparency… and dare we say a touch of fun? We challenged the people to submit pictures of themselves in Lonnie Talbert shirts, or posed with Lonnie Talbert Signs.

When it comes to election results on June 5, this county commission race will be one that many politicos will be watching.

In a statement to KOAT on Thursday, Wiener said that he would send a cease-and-desist letter to Keatley over publishing the photos.

The blog post and the photos are still up on Keatley’s website.

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