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Morning Word, 5-2-12

First Lady Michelle Obama was in Albuquerque on Tuesday for an event with military families and to attend a fundraiser for her husband, President Barack Obama. NM Telegram was unable to attend, but many other media outlets were there.

KRQE says Michelle Obama spent about 20 minutes with Air Force personnel and their families.

CNN focused on the First Lady’s remarks at the fundraiser:

“Will we continue all the change we’ve begun, all the progress that we’ve made? Or will we just allow everything we’ve fought for to just slip away,” she said in remarks that lasted about 20 minutes, according to pool repots [sic].

THe pool reports say that a few more than 100 people attended the fundraiser.

Yesterday at NM Telegram:

State Auditor Hector Balderas began airing his first TV ad of the election season. The ad focuses on his humble roots… Questions abound whether or not the Department of Public Safety is reining in New Mexico’s concealed carry laws.

On to the Word:

  • Steve Terrell called it the “best letter written by a State Senator I’ve read lately.” Milan Simonich said the letter was a Roundhouse right. It was a letter by State Sen. Lisa Curtis, D-Albuquerque, on County Commissioner Michael Wiener. The letter condemned his actions (being photographed in a notorious sex tourism hotspot in the Philippines) and quoted from a GQ article on the sex trade in the country.
  • Wiener sat down with KOAT to tell his side of the story. Wiener compared himself to those who are sexually exploited in the sex trade in the Philippines and said that he is the real victim.
    “The interesting irony of the whole thing when we talk about exploitation — I’m the one exploited in the story — I didn’t do anything wrong, and these two individuals had an ulterior motive, never told me what they were there for,” Wiener said.

  • Dan McKay of the Albuquerque Journal says a censure is unlikely. One reason is that Wayne Johnson, one of the county commissioners who has called on Wiener to step down, will not attend the meeting because he feels a censure is meaningless and he has something else to do on Thursday night.
  • The state cannot stop Las Cruces from shutting off utilities for those avoiding paying their red-light camera fines. Since the utility is owned by the city, the PRC has no jurisdiction.
  • The International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 244 endorsed Michelle Lujan Grisham. This will give Lujan Grisham some key volunteers to help with door knocking and phone banking ahead of the primary in a little more than a month.

    “Michelle’s strong commitment to first responders and their well being is unmatched in this critical race for Congress,” said Diego Arencón, General President of the IAFF Local 244 in a statement. “For years Michelle has worked with us on our legislative priorities in keeping firefighters and citizens safe. Her leadership in garnering bipartisan support while not compromising core values is second to none.”

  • State Sen. George Munoz, D-Gallup, will have two primary opponents after he dropped a lawsuit seeking to oust one from the ballot. But he, very oddly, said that it was “strategy” that caused him to let Charles Rountree, D-Pinehill. In other words, Munoz hopes that Rountree and Genevieve Jackson, D-Tse Bonito, will split votes.
  • The Santa Fe Reporter gave a pop quiz to Public Regulation Commission District 3 candidates. Including asking them to name all the PRC candidates involved in scandal in the recent past.
  • The Albuquerque Tea Party, which is quick to call itself non-partisan, is getting involved in the Wisconsin recall election to aid Governor Scott Walker “for the defense of the stability of Democracy as we understand it.”

    “The precedent here, if this succeeds, is that Governors and other officials around the nation could face recall elections as soon as they take office that constantly keep the office in turmoil, and costs the governing body funds to run,” the letter from Dr. Rick Morlen on the Albuquerque Tea Party board wrote. This ignores a key fact — only 19 states allow recall elections according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. New Mexico is not one of these 19 states.

    Walker is being recalled because of pushing laws to drastically slash union rights. While this is something that the Tea Party groups around the nation back, it sparked massive protests in the Wisconsin state capital.

  • From the Santa Fe New Mexican:
    The New Mexico Judicial Standards Commission has recommended a 90-day unpaid suspension of Española Municipal Judge Stephen S. Salazar.

    The judge illegally ordered a towing company to return a motorcycle that was towed in connection to a pending case.

  • Santa Clara Pueblo voted to allow children with a mother from the pueblo and father from a different cultures to be citizens of the pueblo.
    Santa Clara Pueblo recognizes as members the children of male members, even from mixed marriages. But the offspring of Santa Clara women with men from other tribes or men who are not Native American do not automatically gain entry.

    That isn’t the end of the story, though.

    Dasheno said he did not know how many members are likely to be added to pueblo rolls because that depends on how the membership rule is rewritten. For example, he said, the council could decide to add as members people who have a single grandparent previously recognized as a member — or even people whose family ties go back further.

  • Most people don’t realize that Durango is part of the Albuquerque media market and gets Albuquerque news. Despite being, notably, not in New Mexico. Anyway, KOB writes about something near and dear to my heart — craft breweries.
    A recent study released by the Colorado Brewer’s Guild shows craft beer generates about $450 million a year in revenue for the state.

    CEO of Steamworks, Kris Oyler, said the industry has been steadily growing over the years.

    “It’s just unique styles. It’s hand crafted. It’s not factory beer as we’ve kind of known beer in the United States to become over the last few decades,” Oyler said.

    Steamworks is a very good brewery (my brother went to school in Durango, so I’ve been there a few times). As for New Mexico, not sure if Chama River or Marble is my favorite. Or maybe Turtle Mountain in Rio Rancho. Or maybe Socorro Springs Brewing Company. Or maybe Santa Fe Brewing Company… OK, I can’t choose.

Anything I missed? Have a favorite local brewery? Add it in the comments.

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