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Looking at Lujan Grisham, Griego’s negative ads

The airwaves are now filling with negative ads. Michelle Lujan Grisham went up with an ad criticizing Eric Griego for his history of bench warrants for not paying traffic tickets. Griego responded with an ad going after Lujan Grisham for her role in the substandard standard of living at Fort Bayard Medical Center.

The ads were launched after Progressive Kick, a Super PAC that backs Griego, began airing ads on cable criticizing Lujan Grisham for the Fort Bayard scandal. Lujan Grisham’s campaign has threatened to sue Comcast if it continues to air the ads, which Lujan Grisham’s campaign says are defamatory.

Lujan Grisham launches her own ad

Lujan Grisham’s ad in response to the Super PAC ad says, “Eric Griego’s Super PAC is lying about Michelle Lujan Grisham… to hide his own record of breaking the law.”

The ad goes on to highlight the times Griego received bench warrants, including while serving on the Albuquerque city council.

“Despite claims to the contrary, Eric Griego continues to this day to rack up warrants and ignore judges’ orders,” Lujan Grisham campaign manager Dominic Gabello said. “This is a disturbing pattern – 12 arrest warrants over the course of 12 years — that raises the question: Does Eric Griego think he’s above the law?”

Griego’s response

Today, Griego’s campaign announced it was airing its own ad, going after Lujan Grisham on the same issue as the Progressive Kick ad. Campaigns and outside groups are barred from officially coordinating with each other.

Griego’s ad says, “After 8,000 complaints about mistreatment of seniors in New Mexico’s nursing homes, a Justice Department investigation found that patients’ last days of life were spent in miserable pain.”

The ad goes on to say that Michelle Lujan Grisham was the person responsible for the conditions.

“Commissioner Lujan Grisham is desperately trying to make the election about traffic tickets because she knows she can’t win on her record of incompetence that led to 8 seniors’ deaths and a federal investigation,” Griego’s campaign manager Ed Yoon said. “Lujan Grisham should explain why those seniors had to needlessly die under her watch, and why the U.S. Justice Department found her nursing homes ‘dangerously deficient,’ and why she tried to cover up a state watchdog by telling him, ‘Don’t create a paper trail.'”

You can watch the ads and read the transcripts at the bottom of the post.

The Lujan Grisham ad:

The transcript, as provided by the Lujan Grisham campaign:

MICHELLE LUJAN GRISHAM: I’m Michelle Lujan Grisham and I approve this message.

NARRATOR: Eric Griego’s Super PAC is lying about Michelle Lujan Grisham

…to hide his own record of breaking the law.

Authorities issued eleven arrest warrants for Griego—including for driving without insurance or registration. Three warrants while Griego served on the City Council.

A judge even issued a warrant for an accident on the grounds of the capitol while Griego served in the State Senate.

Does Eric Griego think he’s above the law?

New Mexico can do better

The Griego ad:

The transcript, as transcribed by NM Telegram:

ERIC GRIEGO: I’m Eric Griego and I approve this message.

After 8,000 complaints about mistreatment of seniors in New Mexico’s nursing homes, a Justice Department investigation found that patients’ last days of life were spent in miserable pain.
Eight people died in these dangerously deficient conditions.

The person responsible for taking care of these seniors? Michelle Lujan Grisham.

When a state watchdog raised concerns, she covered it up, telling him, ‘Don’t create a paper trail.’

Michelle Lujan Grisham — covering up the truth to protect her political career.

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Matthew Reichbach has blogged about New Mexico politics since 2006. Matthew was a co-founder of New Mexico FBIHOP with his brother and part of the original hirings at the groundbreaking website the New Mexico Independent. Matthew has covered events such as the Democratic National Convention and Netroots Nation. In addition to politics, Matthew is an avid sports fan, especially of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and TV fan.

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9 Responses to "Looking at Lujan Grisham, Griego’s negative ads"

  1. Audrey Edmonds says:

    Hi — this is Audrey at the Griego campaign. If one of our former staffers is working for Progressive Kick, that’s news to us. Where is this staffer? Who is it? Thanks.

  2. James says:

    I heard that Michelle Lujan Grisham put in $95,000 of her own money to fund her attack ad against Eric Griego because she can’t keep up with fundraising. It’s also very troubling because she makes over $650K a year off of taxpayer-funded contract from the state to run the state’s high risk insurance pool, which she got through using her political connections. In other words, she’s making lots of money off of taxpayers to then use that money to run nasty ads against Griego. Matthew — Why are you not reporting about this? This should be a big deal.

  3. Kim Sanchez says:

    Former Greigo staffers are working at Ole, and Ole’s ground canvasing is being financed by Progressive Kick. Progressive Kick has given over $25,000 for ground canvasing to Ole. The reason why Eric Griego and Progressive Kick play theses games is to hide the money.
    What is a Super PAC—trevor-potter
    What Is Coordination—colbert-super-pac—coordination-resolution-with-jon-stewart

  4. Ken says:

    This is an interesting turn of events. It is not what we were expecting.
    Griego wants to live by his own set of rules.

    Hypocrisy is a term that accurately describes Griego. He wants to make rules, but he wants to live by his own set of rules. In addition to his Super PAC and warrants, we should not forget about his ALEC donations.

    Griego’s Public Position
    Eric Griego is an outspoken opponent of corporate donations and ALEC. He is part of the dump ALEC campaign. He said, “We need to hold Democrats accountable from the president all the way to the state houses.”

    Griego’s Private Position.
    Altria, GlaxoSmithKline, and Union Pacific are all major players in ALEC and donated to Griego.

    “It is important that the people who make the law be subject to the law. People who are not subject to the laws will make harsh laws because they don’t have to live with them. Having the people who make the law be fully covered by the law is a safeguard against unfairness. Well that’s a fundamental principal on which our democracy was in part built.” Representative Barney Frank

  5. It’s interesting to note that the “Kim Sanchez” name links to a Huffington Post article about Democracy for America’s efforts to undo Citizens United. Now, which candidate has made undoing Citizens United his top priority? Eric Griego.

    Which candidate has Democracy for America, and its local affiliate Democracy for New Mexico endorsed? That’s right, Eric Griego.

  6. Kim Sanchez says:

    This is what KRQE had to say about Griego’s Super PAC add, “The video and sound was used without our permission- and we believe the spot also falsely and misleadingly portrays the facts of our investigation.”
    Eric Griego and his buddies are using Rove’s tactics, and he was called out by KRQE. He started the attacks and his attacks are misleading. Does that sound like a candidate who wants clean elections?

  7. Hemingway says:

    The Grisham campaign criticizes Mr. Griego’s Super PAC, but maybe Ms. Grisham can explain her Super PAC support of $78,471.80 from Women Vote! Nobody mentions this. Here is the breakdown:

    New Mexicans need more information on Ms. Grisham, who is a co-owner of the Delta Consulting Group and a registered lobbyist.

    In 2008, the Delta Consulting Group was awarded the Executive Services contract for the New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool and is responsible for the day to day operations with Delta’s co-founder Deborah Armstrong serving as the Pool’s Executive Director. How did Ms. Grisham get the contract? Is it as much as $650,000?

    It is really amazing that no one is looking at the relationship between the New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool and Ms. Grisham’s Delta Consulting Group – it is a lucrative business. The contract supposedly went thru a competitive RFP process. See attached:

    It is complex but deserves the highest scrutiny!

    Here is lobbyist money from Delta.–Big-spenders-are-unions–green-

    It is interesting that during the primary, the Delta Consulting Group’s website has been down. Why?

    So if New Mexicans elect Ms Grisham, do we elect a lobbyist who could garner more business for her consulting business – just asking? Incredibly there are a lot of questions that should be answered before the primary.

  8. Hemingway says:

    In 2004, Ms. Grisham was appointed Secretary of Health, promising to clean up Ft. Bayard Medical Center. During the legislative session from January to March 2005 – Ms. Grisham pushed legislation to get a private management company to manage Fort Bayard Medical Center.
    In November 2005 – GEO Care got the $3.5 million contract to assume full management of Ft Bayard and to design and build a new facility. Interestingly according to The Institute of Money in State Politics, in 2006 the GEO Groupcontributed $43,750 to Richardson’s re-election campaign. It was the old “Pay to Play” scheme. GAO also gave political contributions to Ms. Grisham when she previously ran for Congress.

    GEO terminated the contract. The federal government decertified the facility earlier this year after inspectors found problems with infection control, food preparation and response to reports of abuse in 2008. Where was Ms Grisham? In June 2007, Grisham resigned as Secretary of Health to run for Congress and did receive GEO Care money.

    Here is a series of articles on her administration as Health Secretary – not very good reading.