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Did Heather Wilson support privatizing Social Security?

Photo by twinkletoez, FlickrWhile Heather Wilson took to Facebook to say she never supporting privatizing Social Security, her record may speak otherwise.

Buzzfeed first reported on the apparent contradiction between Wilson’s claim now and what she was saying a decade ago when George W. Bush wanted to privatize Social Security.

While in 2002 Wilson said she was opposed to efforts by the government to privatize Social Security by investing in the stock market, however, a Democratic source points out, she did express openness to so-called “personal retirement accounts,” which would allow private citizens to invest at least some of their social security taxes in accounts earmarked for their own retirement.

Wilson is running in a state that is increasingly trending Democratic and is running touting her moderate credentials.

Privatizing Social Security is a third rail of American politics — especially in a state that that trends Democratic. If Wilson has to spend her time defending herself against her position on Social Security ten years ago, that is bad news for Wilson come November.

Wilson faces Democrat Martin Heinrich in the general election. It is considered a top-tier race and one that could decide who controls the U.S. Senate next January.

Photo by twinkletoez, Flickr

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