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NRSC cancels ads in New Mexico

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is pulling its ad commitments in New Mexico, according to Politico. This is another sign that the Republican Senate arm finds the race more and more of a longshot for Republicans.

Recent polling has shown that Martin Heinrich is expanding his lead over Heather Wilson (see the chart below the post).

The news does not necessarily mean that the NRSC won’t get back into the race if Heinrich’s lead narrows.

In theory, it’s possible that the NRSC could put funds back into either New Mexico or Missouri if the state of those races were to change. For now, the committee is steering clear.

The New Mexico Senate race was once considered among the top-tier races in the country. But the move by the NRSC shows that even they don’t find this to be the case any more.

The Republican campaign group had previously reserved $3 million in airtime in New Mexico back in April. But with other states showing closer races, the NRSC decided that New Mexico was no longer worth the large investment.

The NRSC is also pulling its ads from Missouri, following comments by Republican Todd Akin about rape. Instead, the campaign arm is reportedly shoring up North Dakota, a state that was once considered a safe Republican seat.

Other outside groups are still spending large amounts of money to help elect Heather Wilson.

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