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‘Forcible rape’ language removed from proposed NM policy

A day after it was reported that the controversial phrase “forcible rape” was proposed to be in an official piece of state policy, Gov. Susana Martinez asked that the language be pulled.

The Huffington Post announced the removal of the language.

Enrique Knell, a spokesperson for the CYFD, said Martinez directed the department on Wednesday night to remove the word “forcible” from the language.

“It’s redundant, unnecessary, and she doesn’t support its usage,” Knell told The Huffington Post.

The inclusion of the language brought immediate condemnation from advocates.

Knell told the Huffington Post they used the language because the FBI still uses it.

But even if it is still used by federal law enforcement officials, this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been a focus of controversy in recent weeks.

It isn’t the first time that Martinez’s administration has used the term.

In a proclamation declaring April 2012 as “Sexual Assault Awareness Month,” the proclamation states, “Whereas, fifteen percent of New Mexican adults have been forcibly raped at least once in their lifetime.”

That statement largely flew under the radar.

The use of the term received national attention after Todd Akin used the phrase “legitimate rape” last month. The use is so toxic that it almost immediately moved the Missouri Senate race from a likely Republican pickup to a toss-up.

Akin’s comments brought back news of wording in an anti-abortion bill that used the phrase “forcible rape” in early 2011. The language was eventually changed after outcry but the original language had support of House Republicans including Akin and Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan, R-Wis.,

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