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Pearce votes for Cantor for Speaker (updated with video)

John Boehner was re-elected by his colleagues to the position of Speaker of the House on Thursday.

Boehner gets the second term as Speaker of the House despite a number of Republicans breaking ranks and voting for others; Boehner received a total of 220 votes. Among those Republicans who voted for another person for Speaker of the House was U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce.

Pearce, who represents New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, cast his vote for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va. Pearce was one of three Representatives to cast their ballots for Cantor.

Cantor himself voted for Boehner.

Others voted for Allen west, who is no longer a U.S. Representative after losing a close race in November, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former comptroller general David Walker and others received votes.

The Speaker of the House is not required to be a member of the House, although so far each Speaker of the House has been a member of the House.

Pearce is considered one of the most conservative members of the House — and his vote here shows that.

A total of 13 Republicans cast their ballots for someone other than Boehner or did not vote — Boehner did not vote, as the Speaker traditionally does not vote for him or herself. Eight Democrats cast their ballots for someone besides Pelosi or did not vote.

The other two Representatives from New Mexico, Ben Ray Lujan and Michelle Lujan Grisham, each cast their ballots for Nancy Pelosi. Both are Democrats.


Steve Pearce’s office released a YouTube video explaining his vote, which you can see below.

Pearce said he was not voting against Boehner, but voting to “bring in a relief pitcher” and “to change directions.”

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