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Telegram legislative fundraiser update

The fundraiser is about to enter its final week of the three-week fundraiser.

Right now, the fundraiser is at 20 percent of the goal, $690, with just eight days to go.

To get to the legislative session we have to reach $3,500. This is because we have a “fixed funding campaign” which means that if the goal is not reached, the money will not donated. This means your money will not be donated if we do not reach the goal.

If you do donate the money, it will not be actually donated from your bank account or credit card until January 15.

You can donate either at this link or in the donation box to the right on this page. There are some small incentives to doing so — from buttons and bumper stickers with the New Mexico Telegram logo to a bound book with each of the blog posts (except the Morning Words) written during the 60-day session.

When I am up in Santa Fe, I will be not provide live, first-person coverage of committee hearings, floor votes and various press conferences — but I will have liveblogs, interviews with legislators and other exclusives to New Mexico Telegram.

Videos, photos even podcasts live from Santa Fe.

And it will be in near real-time from Telegram. No waiting until the next day to see what happened in the Senate Finance Committee — you will be able to see from the New Mexico Telegram Twitter page and shortly thereafter in more detail here on the blog.

So if this sort of web-based, multimedia journalism of the important upcoming 60-day session is something that you believe is worth supporting, do so by pitching in a few bucks.

And the money won’t go to waste; something as small as $15 could be my gas on the way up and back from Santa Fe. Something like $100 pays the internet bill for writing my recaps at home.

If there is enough money, your donation could even go towards hiring a freelancer to cover some of the areas of the legislature I am unable to cover.

Or a $150 could provide a better video camera for better quality video of interviews.

If it makes you feel any better, $10 could provide the energy drinks or coffee that keep me going in those inevitable late-nights at the end of the session. As I said, any little bit will help.

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Matthew Reichbach has blogged about New Mexico politics since 2006. Matthew was a co-founder of New Mexico FBIHOP with his brother and part of the original hirings at the groundbreaking website the New Mexico Independent. Matthew has covered events such as the Democratic National Convention and Netroots Nation. In addition to politics, Matthew is an avid sports fan, especially of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and TV fan.

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