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NM Telegram doesn’t reach fundraising goal

The 2012 New Mexico Telegram fundraiser fell short of its fundraising goal of $3,500 to cover the legislative session. The total as of midnight Pacific time was $1,955 with another $130 that was mailed in as physical checks.

Since the fundraising goal was not reached, the donation pledges will not go through.*

I want to thank everyone who pledged donations — over 50 people, including those who mailed in physical checks. I also want to thank everyone for passing along the fundraising link to friends and family and for the kind words letting me know how New Mexico Telegram helps you follow New Mexico politics on a daily basis.

I know that it is still a tight economic time and a $3,500 fundraiser in three weeks is a hefty goal for someone who is not used to fundraising and is not a natural salesman. I feel that I am a reporter at heart and fundraising and selling anything (even myself) is not in my skill-set. My short stint doing sales at a call center would be a testament to that.

I announced the fundraiser on December 27, just after Christmas which also is not an ideal fundraising time (as some professional fundraisers have since told me). Since then, I wrote nearly 90 blog posts, from live reports at the state legislature yesterday to the Morning Words done every weekday morning.

Right now, I am going to take the rest of the week to reevaluate and regroup. I will not be heading up to the legislative session today, though I may show up tomorrow. I will do some blog posts from home today as well.

I have a few options, including selling advertising and doing a smaller fundraiser without the cool incentives (sorry, folks, I was really looking forward to sending out those bound books). I also have some potential employment options — although they would be at the expense of New Mexico Telegram.

Again, I want to thank everyone who did all they could to help New Mexico Telegram out. Please keep an eye out for a decision on what will happen with New Mexico Telegram as next week starts.

*The long story: IndieGogo offers two different types of fundraisers. One is a “Flexible Funding” campaign where you receive the money whether or not you reach the goal. The other is a “Fixed Funding” campaign where the money is only donated if the campaign reaches its goal. The main difference is that a Fixed Funding campaign takes just four percent for IndieGogo — while the Flexible Funding campaign takes 13 percent if the goal is not reached. That would be over $250 on the money we raised through this campaign.

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Matthew Reichbach has blogged about New Mexico politics since 2006. Matthew was a co-founder of New Mexico FBIHOP with his brother and part of the original hirings at the groundbreaking website the New Mexico Independent. Matthew has covered events such as the Democratic National Convention and Netroots Nation. In addition to politics, Matthew is an avid sports fan, especially of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and TV fan.

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2 Responses to "NM Telegram doesn’t reach fundraising goal"

  1. Can’t you follow up individually with people who pledged to donate & cut out Indiegogo altogether?

    1. Stay tuned at the beginning of the week.