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New Mexico Telegram » New Mexico House, Roundhouse » House GOP tries to kill minimum wage indexing in committee report process

House GOP tries to kill minimum wage indexing in committee report process

House Republicans attempted to kill House Joint Resolution 6, which would allow voters to decide if the minimum wage should be indexed to inflation. The Republicans attempted to use a rarely-used procedural process.

The Joint Resolution passed the House Labor and Human Resources on a party-line vote on Tuesday evening, with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans voting against.

When the committee report came up for adoption from the body itself, the Republicans objected. When Miguel Garcia, who was serving as Speaker of the House at the time, ruled that the ayes had it on a voice vote, Republicans asked for a full vote

The votes to adopt the committee report passed 36-30.

If a majority of the House had voted against adopting the committee report, the joint resolution would have been dead for the year.

From the House rules:

If the committee report is favorable and the house does not adopt the committee report, the bill, resolution or memorial is deemed lost.Recently, a similar such killing of a bill happened in the Senate over a bill that would have required labeling of genetically modified organisms.

The efforts by Democrats to both increase the minimum wage and index it to keep pace with inflation have drawn staunch opposition from Republicans and business interests who say it will end up costing the state jobs.

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