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Carrying guns allowed in Roundhouse; six things that aren’t (updated)

It is legal carry your gun in the Roundhouse. You can carry it with you in committee hearings, into the House or Senate gallery. In fact, gun rights advocates are carrying their guns around the state capitol right now.

The Albuquerque Journal covered the interesting allowance — something that isn’t a nationwide thing by any means.

“New Mexico is one of just a few states that allow guns, concealed or otherwise, at its state Capitol – a policy that has never been seriously challenged,” Deborah Baker wrote.

The only move in recent memory, and perhaps ever, was by then-Sen. Dede Feldman, D-Albuquerque, who introduced a rule that would bar guns from the Senate floor, gallery or committee rooms.

“With political tensions running high at both the national and state levels, we need to be sure that the Senate is a place of safety where every view can be expressed without fear of violence or gunplay,” Feldman said in a news release in 2011 announcing the move.

While there is a bill that would ask for background checks on gun purchases at gun shows, there are no moves to amend House or Senate rules to disallow guns from official legislative business

As a way of comparison, and for fun, there are a number of things that are not allowed in the Roundhouse.


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Featured photo via ProgressNow New Mexico.

You can’t wear a hat in the chambers or House or Senate gallery.

Photo by mil8/Flickr

You can’t have your laptop out in the House gallery.

Photovia imgur

No photography from the House or Senate galleries — or without the permission of committee chair.

Female Photographer Morro Bay, CA 17feb08
Photo by mikebaird/Flickr

No eating in House or Senate galleries or in committee rooms.

080202 burrito (1)
photo by Dan4th/Flickr

No smoking inside.

no smoking
Photo by machechyp/Flickr

No standing on furniture.

Thomas stands on chair to make point

Photo via brian-fitzgerald/Flickr


Via Julie Ann Grimm, newspapers are barred in galleries. Added 02-08-13 at 1:20 pm.

Reading comics.
Photo by Ollie Crafoord/Flicker

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3 Responses to "Carrying guns allowed in Roundhouse; six things that aren’t (updated)"

  1. Michelle Meaders says:

    You aren’t allowed to take signs inside the capitol. This usually means portable ones from a rally. There are plenty of them on the exhibit tables, and banners fastened to the walls of the Rotunda for a day or event. And I know several women who were ejected from the House Gallery last year for wearing stickers, like “We are the 99%”.

  2. TC says:

    You cannot carry posters or signs into the roundhouse without prior approval.

  3. dede feldman says:

    On the Senate floor, no one but the Senator can sit in his or her seat. You cannot read newspapers. You must not walk between speakers when debate is happening. You can’t introduce the same interim committee bill in two houses…. and much much more.