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Udall named “most liberal” in the Senate

National Journal ranks Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., as one of the two most liberal members of the U.S. Senate.

Udall shares the ranking with Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.

The full rankings are not out yet, but none of the other members of the New Mexico delegation make appearances on lists of the most liberal or conservative members of the chamber. The full rankings will be released tomorrow.

The weekly magazine says they “identified the ones that show ideological distinctions between members” and scored each vote as economic, foreign, or social. The three categories were averaged to give each member of Congress their “composite score.”

National Journal wrote:

In the National Journal 2012 ratings being released in this week’s magazine, Udall has a 90.7 percent composite liberal score, tying him with Blumenthal as the most liberal member of the Senate last year. Yet the liberal label will likely have little effect on Udall’s reelection bid next year. He is one of the most secure incumbents in the country, something he owes not just to his first-term record or his well-known name in Western politics, but to a changing New Mexico that now rests solidly in the Democratic column.

In 2011, Udall was tied for the fifth-most liberal Senator in the National Journal rankings.

According to the DW Nominate scores by Keith Poole and Nolan McCarty, Udall was ranked as the 2nd-most liberal Senator behind Rep. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Udall’s office responded to National Journal:

Udall still shies from the label, though. His office declined interview requests and instead provided a statement touting a nonideological approach. “Senator Udall is a New Mexican, and that’s the only label he’s concerned with,” wrote Marissa Padilla, Udall’s communications director, in an e-mail. “He’s proud of his record fighting for the middle-class families and job creation in our state. What’s not reflected in this analysis are the bipartisan bills he introduced last session with Republicans to help Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from exposure to toxic burn pits, prevent ultralight aircraft from being used to smuggle drugs across the border, or prevent senseless drunk driving deaths. The people of New Mexico trust Tom Udall to defend their interests in the Senate.”

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