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New Mexico Telegram » Featured, Presidential » Fox News host pegs Martinez as possible presidential candidate

Fox News host pegs Martinez as possible presidential candidate

Former Sarah Palin booster and Fox News host Greta Van Sustren has been the most vocal proponent of a 2016 presidential run for Gov. Susana Martinez.

Van Sustren, in a blog post that seems promotes herself as a prominent player in choosing the Presidential candidate, cites an Associated Press article on the last-second tax deal that passed the state legislature under controversial and opaque circumstances.

You can read the New Mexico Telegram story on the passage here.

Martinez was mentioned as an outside-shot as a Vice Presidential candidate for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney — something that Martinez said repeatedly and emphatically that she would not consider.

Here is the money quote from Van Sustren’s blog post:

I may be the only one who thinks it, but I think New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is a possible candidate for her party’s nomination. I flew to New Mexico in December and spent the day with the Governor just to get a feel for whether I thought she had any interest in running. (Of course you watched our interview with the Governor on ON THE RECORD at 10pm in December.) I think the article below is interesting… gives you an idea of what she is doing and how she is doing as Governor of New Mexico. I have NO idea if she is going to run or not.

Van Sustren referred to a half-hour interview that was full of softball questions that Van Sustren did with Martinez last year.

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  1. Van Sustren IS the only one who thinks Martinez is a credible candidate!