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New Mexico Telegram » Education, Featured » ABQ teachers union says no to NRA plan of guns in schools

ABQ teachers union says no to NRA plan of guns in schools

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation came out against allowing some school employees to carry concealed weapons in schools.

The National Rifle Association says that placing guns in the hands of armed guards in schools will help prevent mass-shootings in schools, such as the one that occurred in Newtown, Conn. last year.

Some have said that certain school employees, not necessarily teachers, should be those carrying concealed weapons.


“I don’t think the NRA has spoken to teachers.” says Ellen Bernstein of Albuquerque Teacher’s Federation Union. She says no thanks to the NRA and its latest suggestion it made to train and arm at least one staff member at every school.

“I don’t think the NRA has any business making recommendations to have more guns in schools as a way to solve societal violence.”

The NRA proposal comes even as the influential gun-rights group opposes popular proposals such as requiring background checks on all gun purchases and barring the sale of assault weapons.

A proposal to require background checks at all sales made at gun shows failed in the state Senate last session, as opponents filibustered the proposal. A proposal to allow a small number of school personnel to carry weapons also failed in the state legislature this year, though it did not clear the committee process.

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