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New Mexico Telegram » CD2, Featured » Roll Call: Campos considering congressional bid vs. Pearce

Roll Call: Campos considering congressional bid vs. Pearce

Photo from Campos' Lt. Gov. campaignAccording to Roll Call, former State Rep. Joe Campos, D-Santa Rosa, is considering a congressional run against Republican incumbent Steve Pearce in New Mexico’s 2nd Cognressional District.

“We’re taking a look at it, but we haven’t confirmed anything yet,” Campos told Roll Call. “We’re just looking at it, and I would say by the end of the month we will tie everything up and see if it’s doable.”

The conservative district has been held by Republicans for all but two years — and the incumbent has barely been challenged since entering Congress in 2003 (except for a failed Senate run in 2008).

Campos was a rumored name for Democrats looking for a credible challenger to Pearce. In past years, Pearce has run against largely unknown Democrats (pastor Al Kissling) and high-profile Democrats (Gary King, before he became Attorney General). The result has been the same — Pearce has never had a general election with a margin of victory in single digits.

2014 could be a tough year for Democrats — it is an off-year election and midterm elections are generally not the best for the party in power. And at the top of the ballot will be a gubernatorial race with a Republican incumbent who hails from the southern part of the state.

Both candidates (Sam Bregman and Roxanne Lara) for Democratic Party of New Mexico chair told New Mexico Telegram that they want to challenge for the seat.

A race between Campos and Pearce would be interesting in that it would pit politicians from two very different areas of the massive political district — Campos hails from Santa Rosa, which is in the northern part of the district. Pearce is from Hobbs, in the southeastern corner of the state.

Photo from Campos’ Lt. Gov. campaign

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2 Responses to "Roll Call: Campos considering congressional bid vs. Pearce"

  1. Craig Abalos says:

    I think one of the reasons for Pearce’s success is that the Democrats haven’t really fielded a viable candidate to run against him.

    When you look at the long and the short of Steve Pearce, he’s really not that impressive. Well-connected, perhaps, but not impressive.

  2. I’d love to see Joe Campos run for CD-2! He’s the best Democrat I can think of who can win the district. I’ll donate, too.