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Berry raises $250,000 in first campaign finance reporting period

Richard BerryMonday wasn’t just tax day, it was also the filing deadline for candidates in Albuquerque’s municipal elections, including for mayor.

Campaign finance reports show that Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry, who opted out of public financing for his 2013 re-election bid, privately raised more than $250,000 in the second quarter.

Seven people contributed over $5,000 to Berry, including Ford Dealer Don Chalmers and Sandia Reality‚Äôs Louis Abruzzo. City councilor Trudy Jones contributed $100 and new city councilor Janice Arnold-Jones’ husband John Jones contributed $250 to the mayor.

Arnold-Jones was appointed by Berry to a spot on the Albuquerque city council on Monday.

The mayor also reported two in-kind contributions totaling less than $3,800.

His second quarter expenses totaled nearly $17,500, including $3,210 paid to his campaign manager Tito Madrid.

Pete Dinelli, who was the only mayoral candidate to qualify for public financing, received a one-time check of $362,000.

Paul Heh, who announced in February he would seek public financing, later opted out. He had reported no cash contributions. Heh did record a $138 in-kind contribution.

NM Telegram spoke to Heh Tuesday morning. Heh said he would not accept contributions until he’s on the ballot.

Margaret Argon de Chavez, who plans to formally launch her campaign Sunday afternoon at West Mesa High School, reported a single $100 donation and printing expenses totaling$69.55.

New Mexico Telegram will review campaign finance reports from city council candidates later this afternoon.

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Peter St. Cyr is a freelance writer and veteran New Mexico reporter covering government and politics.

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