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BernCo GOP executive director calls min wage increase supporter “a radical bitch” (update)

Bernalillo GOP FBRemember: Anything that you do on the internet has the potential to become public.

This includes conversations that you are having on Facebook with your Facebook friends, as two Republicans recently found out.

Bernalillo County Republican Executive Director Steve Kush was posting on Facebook and Twitter from the Bernalillo County Commission hearing.

In the middle of a stream of criticisms of the Democratic commissioners and proponents of the minimum wage increase, Kush wrote, “Nice hat Working America chick but damn you are a radical bitch.”

Working America is a labor organization that rallied support of raising the minimum wage.

Kush referred to Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins as “gestapo” in another post.

“Gestapo leader Hart Stebbins reduced comments to 1 and a half mins,” Kush wrote. “Anything to suppress opposing views.”

The Gestapo were the secret state police of the Nazi Party in Germany under Hitler.

Kush also complained that he couldn’t boo a point made by Democrats while others were allowed to applaud, again referring to Democrats as “gestapo.”

Another exchange, caught by the Democratic Party and blasted to supporters, featured Kush and former Bernalillo County executive director Bob Cornelius joking about the boots a minimum wage increase supporter was wearing.

Cornelius wrote, “Maybe she uses those boots to walk Central… even in this economy she can exchange bumper cables for boots.”

This is a reference to prostitution in Albuquerque.

Kush replied, “she was hot enough to almost make me register democrat.”

Cornelius has since deleted his comment and apologized.

“I’ve been thinking about my comment last night,” Cornelius wrote on Facebook. “I did make that comment in jest & I do apologize to this lady for this off color comment. It’s not fair to her, and it was inappropriate for me to makes comments like that.”

The original exchange, as provided by the Democratic Party of New Mexico, is posted above.

Update (2:42 pm):

Kush has been suspended, per the Albuquerque Journal’s Dan McKay.

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