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County Republican party executive director suspended; party apologizes for comments

Republican RPNM logoThe Republican Party issued a statement Wednesday apologizing for the >”inappropriate” Facebook and Twitter comments from current and former Bernalillo County party officials. The county party said the current party executive director was suspended indefinitely.

“I have informed Kush he is suspended, immediately and without pay, indefinitely for those remarks,” county party chairman Frank Ruvolo said. “The County Party does not condone what he posted on his Facebook page and will not tolerate that type of insensitivity toward any person.”

In it, Bernalillo County party executive director Steve Kush referred to a pro-minimum wage increase activist as a “radical bitch” for testifying in support of increasing the minimum wage.

Former county party official Bob Cornelius made a reference to a supporter being a prostitute because of the boots she was wearing on Kush’s Facebook page.

Kush was suspended by the county party for the comments.

“The staff at the Republican Party of New Mexico join me in expressing our strong disappointment and dismay at the highly inappropriate comments posted by Steve Kush and Bob Cornelius on Facebook Tuesday night,” Republican Party of New Mexico chairman John Billingsley said. “We recognize the incredibly offensive nature of these comments, and we do not share or approve of the views expressed by these two men concerning the women at that event.”

The statement from Billingsley continued.

“We want to express our apologies to the individuals to whom the Facebook posts referred—and to the women of New Mexico who have taken offense to the posts. We know that it is never acceptable to make such comments, even when done so in a poorly framed and distastefully worded joke.”

Kush apologized in an interview with the Albuquerque Journal.

Dan McKay spoke to him:

“It was in ill-fated attempt at humor, on my personal page, not the county party’s page,” he said.

In another comment posted to social media on Tuesday, Kush said: “Uh oh another Working America chick…nice boots…I know she makes more than min wage”

The comments received national attention, including stories in the Huffington Post.

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3 Responses to "County Republican party executive director suspended; party apologizes for comments"

  1. Peggy says:

    Mind-boggling. Please tell me that both these blanks (Rush and Cornelius) are suspended forever from having any position of power higher than a greeter at Walmart. Disgusting.

  2. GOP Deathspiral says:

    And so another GOP relic says what he is “thinking”. Keep it up and you and your party will be that much closer to filler in the dustbin of contemporary history.

  3. Radical B*tch says:

    Another non-apology from the party of stupidity and hate. Were the boots the right height? I heard they were 47% unacceptable. What a snob. Oops. I’ll get back to you on what magazines and newspapers I read right after I lunge for my bottle of water. (Lies and misinformation make my mouth dry.)