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Gov. Martinez writes about stolen emails on Facebook

Susana MartinezGov. Susana Martinez took to Facebook — while on a flight back from a quick trip to the east coast for a high dollar fundraiser — to respond to the latest news in the stolen emails.

“Last week, an individual I fired from my campaign was indicted in federal court for illegally intercepting my political and personal emails for almost a year that were then released to the media by leftwing political groups last year,” Martinez wrote on Facebook. “The man is also charged with lying to the FBI about the scheme. ”

It came after a day where the Associated Press, Albuquerque Journal, Santa Fe New Mexican and Santa Fe Reporter all had stories about the growing scandal. The latest news was that the investigation into how the emails were allegedly stolen resulted in an arrest for possession of child pornography by a Democratic consultant.

In the story from the Santa Fe Reporter, former campaign staffer Jamie Estrada says he was not fired. Steve Terrell also reported Estrada sayign he wasn’t fired, citing a Washington D.C. fundraiser where Estrada was on the host committee.

Martinez linked to the Albuquerque Journal story that referenced the arrest of Jason Loera. Loera has ties to a political group run by Sam Bregman, the current Democratic Party of New Mexico chairman.

Martinez also blamed Attorney General Gary King for releasing the emails, echoing statements from state Republicans in recent years.

“In politics, we should expect tough and vigorous debates on the issues. But it’s disgusting to see operatives committing crimes and invading the privacy of their political opponents just to score cheap political points,” Martinez wrote. “And it’s almost unbelievable that the state’s chief law enforcement officer interfered with an ongoing federal investigation by releasing emails he had to have known were stolen — and provided to him directly by a union-funded PAC. That shouldn’t happen on either side of the aisle.”

As Steve Terrell notes, Martinez didn’t notice what touched off the latest small boom in talk about the emails, even before the Estrada indictment: Reports that some former Martinez campaign officials were questioned in relation to the racino contract awarded at the Downs at Albuquerque.

Andrea Goff released a statement last week saying she was questioned about the racino and that Estrada’s name was not part of the questioning from the FBI.

Just to show this story isn’t going away any time soon, the Associated Press reports that a key email address in the situation came from a lawsuit from none other than Bregman.

An FBI affidavit released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office said an important email address came from a document Albuquerque lawyer Sam Bregman used last year in a lawsuit by a fired former state prison official. Bregman became state Democratic chairman this year.

The FBI said the address came from an email sent to Bregman by the person who apparently took control of the governor’s campaign email system in 2011.

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