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DOE report dings $450K in payments to Wilson

Photo by twinkletoez, FlickrA report from the Department of Energy’s Inspector General was critical of $450,000 in payments to former Congresswoman Heather Wilson from contract work she did for various national labs.

The payments came from work Wilson did for four national labs that work with nuclear energy. The problem was that the money was paid back to the contractors despite no evidence that Wilson did the work. In other cases, Wilson did work that could have been in violation of her contract.

Wilson was paid $20,000 a month for the work, the Associated Press says, which included work with Los Alamos National Labs and Sandia National Labs.

From the Associated Press report:

Officials at the Nevada Test Site and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee acknowledged there “were no deliverables” associated with $30,000 the two labs paid Wilson. And Sandia and Los Alamos appear to have asked Wilson to help them secure more work for the labs, an apparent violation of her contract, the report said.

Also from the Associated Press:

In a statement emailed Tuesday to The Associated Press, Wilson said the report “confirms that the labs were satisfied with my work. The work was done in full compliance with the contracts we signed and under the direct supervision of lab sponsors.”

Wilson represented New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District for nearly a decade. The work in question came between her first unsuccessful run for U.S. Senate in 2008 and her second in 2012.

The Santa Fe Reporter looked into Wilson’s private sector work, including her contracts with the national labs.

Wilson currently works as the president of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, though she still has ties to New Mexico, including attending a fundraiser for a Republican women’s group recently.

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  1. No wonder Heather skedaddled! Enjoy your crooked college president, South Dakota!