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Johnson said he’s open to running as a Republican again

Gary JohnsonIn a Google Hangout, former New Mexico Governor and former Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson said he would be open to returning to the Republican Party. However, he said a run for Congress or Senate was not in the cards.

The libertarian magazine Reason reported on Johnson’s comments.

The chairman of The Our America Initiative was questioned about his own future in the political realm. “I’m not the guy” for Senate or Congress, Johnson insisted. He explained his discontent with the role those offices play in racking up debt. However, he is “not discounting running within the Republican party” again for either governor or president.

However, Johnson also predicted that there would be a “viable third party” and predicted it would be the Libertarian Party.

Some Republicans had hoped Johnson would run for Senate against Democratic U.S. Senator Tom Udall.

Johnson was the Libertarian Party candidate for President in 2012. He initially was running for the Republican nomination, but never gained traction and was left out of nearly all of the Republican debates.

Johnson received 1.2 million votes, or 0.99 percent of the vote. It was the most votes ever received by a Libertarian Party candidate, but by percentage, only the second-best performance by a libertarian Party candidate.

He served two terms as governor of New Mexico as a Republican.

The full Google Hangout is available below.

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2 Responses to "Johnson said he’s open to running as a Republican again"

  1. Palanisamy says:

    A Capable political leader.

  2. Fred Mangels says:

    I don’t think it would be worth his while to run again as a Republican. I would think he’s persona non- grata with most Republicans now.