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Marks out of AG race

Jason MarksFormer Public Regulation Commissioner Jason Marks is suspending his campaign for Attorney General according to NM Capitol Report.

This essentially ends Marks’ candidacy, unless he suddenly raises a large amount of money.

Marks posted a statement on his campaign website.

After much consultation and consideration, it has become clear that the fundraising gap has put our campaign in a position where the prospects of winning are slim under most scenarios. It would be unfair to my friends and supporters – and to my family – to ask for continued commitments of time, money, and energy to the race under these circumstances. So, with disappointment, I am suspending my campaign for Attorney General.

This means that the only candidate in the race is State Auditor Hector Balderas. Balderas is term-limited out of the State Auditor spot and previously lost int he Democratic primary for U.S. Senate to Martin Heinrich.

NM Capitol Report reported that Marks would consider a run for a different office.

NM Telegram spoke to Marks earlier this year about his run for Attorney General.

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One Response to "Marks out of AG race"

  1. I hope Hector Balderas changes his mind and runs for Governor instead of Attorney General. If that happens, Jason Marks will have no problem raising money. #dreamteam