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New Mexico Telegram » Elections, Featured » AZ Gov Brewer to headline Republican fundraiser

AZ Gov Brewer to headline Republican fundraiser

GOPNMArizona governor Jan Brewer will head to New Mexico and host a fundraiser for the Republican Party of New Mexico.

The party announced the move Monday morning.

“2013 has already been an exciting year for the Republican Party of New Mexico, and we know that Governor Brewer’s visit will only add to the growth and excitement,” said RPNM Chairman John Billingsley. “Earlier in the year, we had a record-breaking Lincoln Day Dinner, and we expect the same results from this event. We are actively working to turn New Mexico red, and this event will help us continue building momentum as we move closer to the vitally important 2014 election year.”

Brewer has courted controversy in her time in office.

A photo of Brewer greeting President Barack Obama with her finger pointed at his face went viral. She recently used the photo as a way to raise money.

Obama visited Arizona last week and was given a warmer reception by the governor.

The Arizona governor also was a strong proponent of a harsh immigration law, known as SB 1070. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down portions of the bill, saying the provisions were unconstitutional. This included a provision that would require police to check the immigration status of each person they arrested or detained and making it illegal to be in Arizona without proper immigration papers.

Recently, Brewer expressed support for the U.S. Senate’s version of immigration reform.

The fundraiser will take place on September 27.

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