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Berry first candidate on air in ABQ mayor race

Richard BerryRichard Berry will go on the air with a positive spot that will address the recession that hit cities around the country hard, New Mexico Telegram has learned. The buy for the incumbent mayor is said to be a significant buy and will go on the air Wednesday morning.

The ad will air on both broadcast and cable.

Berry will be the first of the candidates to go on the air. Berry also has the most money, as he eschewed public financing.

The spot will look at how Albuquerque was able to weather the recession without layoffs or increasing taxes. It compares Albuquerque with other cities around the nation, such as Detroit, which recently declared bankruptcy.

“We made the tough choices,” Berry says in the ad. “We tightened our belts just like any family would.”

You can see the ad below.

An ad by IAFF local 244 accuses Berry of failing to adequately fund public safety, though it is unlikely the media buy will be as large as Berry’s first ad and is currently cable-only.

The union has been critical of pay for firefighters under Berry.

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3 Responses to "Berry first candidate on air in ABQ mayor race"

  1. Sally Beers says:

    I think we need to hear more from Pete Dinelli.

  2. We will. But Berry has money to burn.

  3. Dr. Hassler says:

    We heard enough from Dinelli!

    His plan for turning the Albuquerque Sunport into an unneeded and ill advised cargo hub was more than enough! It was proof, as if any more was needed, that Dinelli is yet another corrupt, New Mexico, machine Democrat who will feather his own nest at the citizens expense!

    All true Democrats need to wake up and clean house! You can start by being viciously opposed to letting scum like Dinelli anywhere near a political office now, and in the future. The corrupt machine Democrats in NM will try to tell you that a corrupt Democrat is better than any Republican. Seriously! Anyone believing that has truly succumbed to the most insidious of evils, because they have allowed themselves to become a tool for those who have nothing but evil intent.

    It is time to quit having a selfish “we must win” at all cost attitude. In the end, it will only encourage the worst qualities in New Mexico politics to surface. And exactly what will you have won! A city where construction contracts are handed out to Dinelli’s cronies. A city where Union contracts are negotiated in bad faith. A city with unsustainable growth patterns because corruption in city zoning is the rule. A city that spends a ridiculous amount of money on bond interest because it chronically lives beyond it’s means.

    Albuquerque used to be a great city to work, start a business, go to college, or live. Slowly through the corruption found in the city government, at all levels, it has become a dried up suburb of Phoenix AZ.