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Republican legislators sue to halt same-sex marriages

Republican RPNM logoA group of Republican legislators have filed suit in district court to stop Dona Ana County clerk Lynn Ellins from issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples.

Since Ellins began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, five other counties have followed suit. Three of those, Bernalillo, Santa Fe and Taos counties, have done so after a court order. The other two, San Miguel and Valencia counties, have begun doing so at the behest of their county clerks.

A district court judge has ordered the Los Alamos County Clerk to do so as well, but clerk Sharon Stover is still reviewing the order to decide whether or not to comply.

Yesterday, the case took a step towards the appellate level when county clerks were allowed Intervenor status in the case. This would help bring statewide clarity to the issue and stop the differing rules county-by-county.

It has been over a week since Ellins began issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples. Republican legislators have said since the beginning that they would seek to stop it, but court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage threw a monkey-wrench into their plans.

The leader of the effort to stop same-sex marriage is Sen. Bill Sharer, R-Farmington. He made national headlines for a controversial blog post where he cited Alexander the Great as a person who had homosexual relationships but later married.

In a subsequent blog posts, Sharer has referred to Ellins as a “little dictator” for issuing marriage licenses and says procreation is a key component in being able to be married.

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