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Pearce would vote against Senate’s clean funding bill (updated)

Steve PearceSteve Pearce said he would vote against a so-called “clean” bill to fund the government and end the shutdown that has directly impacted hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Pearce told Michael Coleman of the Albuquerque Journal his stance in an interview Tuesday.

From the Albuquerque Journal story:

“Today, I would vote against it,” Pearce said. “It does nothing to fix our overall, underlying problems, and that is consistent with what I have said for three years. If we delay Obamacare a year it’s significant, if we delay the personal mandate.”

“We have been very reasonable and I don’t think I have voted for a government shutdown,” Pearce told me today. “It’s the other side that is saying “no, we won’t accept anything.’ My position is: Not looking for a government shutdown, not going to vote for one and not going to push Boehner into one so, I think I have held to my word.”

Republicans in the House have attempted to tie a delay of the personal mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare to some, the end of a medical device excise tax among other concessions to fund the federal government.

Pearce is the lone Republican in the New Mexico delegation. Both Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich have voted for a clean funding bill, which passed the chamber, and were critical of the House’s refusal to bring it up for a vote.

Democrats have said the House is holding the economy hostage as a way to delay the Affordable Care Act.

At issue is the likelihood that the bill would pass — but with overwhelming Democratic support and a small amount of Republican support. Speaker of the House Boehner has been criticized for past votes that passed largely on the backs of Democratic votes, violating the so-called “Hastert Rule” that says if a majority of the majority party does not approve, it should not be brought to the floor.

Other Republicans have said it is time to vote for a clean continuing resolution. From Politico:

Reps. Scott Rigell of Virginia and Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania issued separate statements Tuesday morning, lauding the House Republican efforts to dismantle pieces of Obamacare through the government funding debate — but acknowledging that the GOP was on the losing end of the battle.

These are just the latest, as other Republicans had previously called for the clean funding bill that Democrats prefer.


Pearce spoke to the Albuquerque Journal again and said a full Obamacare defunding isn’t necessarily what he needs to support funding of the federal government.

He said moments ago he would, in fact, vote for a bill to keep government running as long as it makes clear that members of Congress and their staffs don’t get any special treatment – such as federal subsidies – under Obamacare.

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