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Berry takes mayoral race as Dinelli concedes early (updated)

Richard Berry“Tonight we’re a city united,” Berry said in his victory speech.

Berry was introduced by Gov. Susana Martinez, who called Berry “a leader who has always put his city first.”

“We’re making a difference for families and we’re making a difference for businesses,” Berry told supporters. He also thanked “non-partisans” for his support.

Albuquerque has a higher population of Democrats than Republicans.

Citing low turnout, mayoral candidate Pete Dinelli conceded to Richard Berry just an hour and a half after the polls closed and when less than a third of vote centers were counted.

Berry had a commanding lead among early and absentee voters that was insurmountable by Dinelli or Paul Heh. The two would not have been able to even get Berry below 50 percent without a miracle.

In essence, the mayoral race was decided days ago when early voting ended.

Berry will serve a second term and made a bit of history; as Dan McKay noted earlier in the day, Berry will be the first mayoral candidate to clear 50 percent since 1993. If Berry was unable to clear 50 percent, there would have been a runoff election.

His election may also prove the end of candidates opting for public financing. He was able to outspend Dinelli, who relied on public financing, more than two-to-one.

Heh did not qualify for public financing and was unable to generate much, if any, real fundraising throughout his campaign.


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