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Clements announces candidacy for Senate

David-PicThe chairman of the Doña Ana County Republican Party announced his candidacy for Senate today, becoming the first Republican to challenge incumbent Tom Udall.

David Clements, also and Assistant District Attorney, announced on Tuesday that he intended to challenge Udall. Clements describes himself as a constitutional conservative.

“With our government’s refusal to live within its means, we have a 17 trillion dollar debt and are on the brink of economic ruin,” Clements said in a statement. “And with Washington, D.C. unable to escape the reality of its continued failures, an all out assault on our economic and civil liberties has begun.”

Clements is a more libertarian-minded Republican. He was part of the Republican Liberty Caucus that took over the Doña Ana County Republican Party last year.

Clements said in his statement he made the decision after traveling the state for months and talking to fellow Republicans.

From radio host, and friend of Clements, Aaron Henry Diaz:

Former gubernatorial candidate Allen Weh, Alamogordo Mayor Susie Galea, and former Democratic state legislator Robert Aragon have also expressed interest in entering the race.

“As an attorney, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution—an oath I take seriously. Career politicians like Senator Udall have disregarded that same oath and have created a culture of dependency in New Mexico,” Clements added. “By restraining the federal government, we empower people to look within themselves to create opportunity and achieve greatness. I grew up in a lower-class family, and am still fighting for the American dream. I’m tired of Washington D.C. elites taking our hard earned money, and trying to convince us that we are helpless without their involvement in every aspect of our lives. Enough is enough.”

Udall is considered to be safe for reelection according to pundits who track races from around the country. Udall is also considered a progressive Democrat — meaning Clements is a large contrast to the Senator seeking his first reelection after being elected in 2008.

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