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New Mexico Telegram » Delegation, Featured » Heinrich calls shutdown ‘irresponsible, reckless and devastating to our economy’ in NM (updated)

Heinrich calls shutdown ‘irresponsible, reckless and devastating to our economy’ in NM (updated)

Heinrich at a campaign event in 2008.

Heinrich at a campaign event in 2008.

Sen. Martin Heinrich took to the Senate floor to talk about the government shutdown and its effects on New Mexico, a state with a heavy federal presence.

Heinrich referred to the “manufactured crises” of sequestration and the government shutdown as well as the possible default on the country’s debt.

“In my home state of New Mexico there is no question that this government shutdown has been irresponsible, reckless and devastating to our economy,” Heinrich said according to the prepared remarks provided by his office. “New Mexico serves the nation in many ways, through our national labs, our military bases, with federal lands and monuments that host Americans from every corner of our nation. As a result, federal dollars in 2010 were nearly 36 percent of our state‚Äôs gross domestic product.”

New Mexico has two major national labs (Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs), three Air Force bases (Kirtland, Cannon and Holloman), White Sands Missile Range and a number of state parks and monuments across the state, from Chaco Culture National Historical Park to Carlsband Caverns National Park.

Heinrich cited newspaper reports from Los Alamos and Las Cruces as well as the story of an air traffic controller who is unsure when he will be paid again.

“Tens of thousands of women and children in New Mexico who receive assistance from the program every month could be left without vital nutritional support if the shutdown continues to drag on,” Heinrich said in his speech.

Senate leaders are working on a compromise piece of legislation that would end the government shutdown and avert a breaching of the debt limit. It is unclear if the House will go along.

Officials say that the debt limit will be breached on October 17.


Talks in the Senate have reportedly stalled.

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