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Super Bowl XLII helped end Richardson, Clinton relationship

Bill Richardson at CNM in 2008 2In Bill Richardson’s new book, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson revealed that the 2008 Super Bowl helped end his relationship with former President Bill Clinton.

The Washington Post spoke to Richardson about his new book, “How to Sweet Talk a Shark: Strategies and Stories from a Master Negotiator.”

Bill Clinton famously showed up to the Governor’s Mansion in 2008 to watch Super Bowl XLII (where the New York Giants defeated the up-until-then undefeated New England Patriots).

Richardson had dropped out of the presidential race after poor results and had yet to endorse either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, who were both U.S. Senators at the time. Many thought that Hillary Clinton had an advantage, since Richardson was a cabinet secretary and United Nations ambassador under Bill Clinton before becoming governor of New Mexico.

However, Richardson went on to endorse Obama, the eventual winner of the contest. Bill Clinton has not forgiven Richardson for the endorsement.

That ultimately made things downright chilly for the two, he admits in the book.

“It set up expectations,” he tells the Loop.

And though he’s attempted to mend the relationship, he says, it just hasn’t worked, and the two now share cordial greetings — but no more than that — when they occasionally bump into one another.

Richardson has been on a media blitz to promote his new book, including giving advice on how to resolve the debate over the government shutdown and debt limit.

Before serving in Bill Clinton’s administration, Richardson was a congressman in New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district.

Richardson was tapped to be Obaam’s Secretary of Commerce, but a pending federal investigation into pay-to-play allegations during his time as governor resulted in Richardson stepping down. Richardson was never charged.

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