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TV ad on 20-week abortion ban vote up on the air

Respect ABQ Women adA group that opposes the proposed 20-week abortion ban that goes to voters in November has a TV ad on the air.

The ad depicts a woman who found out the lungs of her fetus deformed and the fetus would be unable to breathe once born. The pregnant woman, already a mother, only found out after an ultrasound performed at 20 weeks.

The ad, which the press release announcing the ad says “is aimed at educating voters about the complex and heartbreaking circumstances New Mexico women face when making decisions about ending a pregnancy after 20 weeks,” is available at the bottom of the post.

“Everything with the pregnancy went pretty well until we went for our 20 week ultrasound,” Christie Brooks says in the ad. “One of the doctors said our baby was very sick: I could carry the baby to term and watch her suffocate, or I could end the pregnancy early and let her go peacefully.”

The procedure was done after 20 weeks, which would be made illegal under the wording of the proposed ban.

Brooks is from Virginia and Respect ABQ Women says the procedure did not take place in New Mexico.

In the ad, Brooks says, “I think politicians need to leave these decisions to the family and to the doctors.”

Even if the ban does pass, it will face court challenges and may be proven unconstitutional. In recent days, judges have shot down abortion restrictions in Texas and Oklahoma, although these are not related to late-term abortion bans.

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  1. Trixie says:

    Keep Government out of our Wombs! Thanks to this brave lady for sharing her personal story!