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New Mexico Telegram » Courts, Delegation » Obama nominates Damon Martinez to be next US Attorney in NM

Obama nominates Damon Martinez to be next US Attorney in NM

Department of Justice DOJ logoPresident Barack Obama nominated Damon Martinez to be the next United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico. Martinez would replace Kenneth Gonzales.

Both U.S. Senators from New Mexico suggested Martinez for the position in April of this year.

“Damon Martinez is an excellent public servant with a distinguished career in law enforcement, and I want to thank the president for following our recommendation to nominate him for this important post,” Sen. Tom Udall said in a statemetn. “I have no doubt Damon is up to the important challenge of enforcing federal laws in New Mexico and will make a fine U.S. Attorney for the District.”

“Damon Martinez’s record of public service in New Mexico and commitment to justice will make him an outstanding U.S. Attorney,” Sen. Martin Heinrich said. “I have no doubt that he will distinguish himself in this position, as he has throughout his career. I’m pleased with President Obama’s selection and look forward to supporting Damon’s nomination.”

The nomination now goes in front of the Senate, which must confirm the nomination for Martinez to take over.

Gonzales was nominated for a judgeship by Obama. He was confirmed in the position earlier this year.

Martinez began his career as a federal prosecutor in the Las Cruces branch of the U.S. Attorney’s Office. He then transferred to Albuquerque in 2005.

Martinez was also an assistant Attorney General in New Mexico.

The New Mexico native was a Judge Advocate in the U.S. Army Reserve until 2009.

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