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Rael to launch his first TV ad tomorrow

Rael contrasts adDemocratic gubernatorial candidate Lawrence Rael announced in an email to supporters that he will be launching a TV ad.

The ad is a positive spot that doesn’t feature Rael speaking but instead features a narrator explaining his vision for New Mexico.

“He sees a New Mexico that can thrive,” the narrator says. “Where we lift up our children with an education that nurtures and inspires their full potential.”

The full transcript of the ad, as well as the ad itself, is available at the bottom of the post.

The ad shows images of New Mexicans and areas around New Mexico, including the New Mexico Rail Runner. Rael is a former executive director at the Mid Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) and has used the hashtag #Raelrunner on Twitter to promote his campaign appearances around the state.

The Rael campaign tells NM Telegram it will air on both broadcast and cable. The run from May 1 through May 11 will start on broadcast.

NM Telegram will update this post with more information from the campaign as it comes in.

“New Mexicans know that we can build a brighter future if we are willing to work together,” Rael said in a statement. “This campaign is about more than just winning an election. It is about brining New Mexico up from the bottom of every ‘bad’ list and changing the direction of our state.”

Rael is the first Democratic candidate to air a TV ad. Rael has already had two radio ads on the air. The ads, one in English and one in Spanish, focused on jobs.

Rael faces four other Democrats in the primary.

The TV ad does not mention any of his primary opponents or Gov. Susana Martinez, the lone Republican running for the party’s nomination. Martinez has already put two ads on the air despite not having a primary opponent.

Rael previously ran for Lt. Gov. in 2010.

Narrator: Lawrence Rael sees New Mexico in a very different light. He sees a New Mexico that can thrive. Where we lift up our children with an education that nurtures and inspires their full potential.

A state with no shortage of good jobs and opportunities, a place that grows local business and welcomes others. Where poverty is transformed into prosperity and the life we all deserve.

Lawrence Rael sees a very different New Mexico. And as governor, you can trust Lawrence to get us there.


Added quote from Rael. Fixed a mistake in the transcript.

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