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Webber first TV ad targets Martinez’s connection to Koch Brothers

Alan Webber New Mexico CandidateAlan Webber is airing its first TV ad ahead of the June 3 according to his campaign.

The ad continues a trend in the Democratic primary — that of not talking about any of the other Democratic candidates and instead focusing on Susana Martinez.

Webber criticizes Martinez and attempts to tie Martinez to the Koch Brothers.

“The Martinez administration’s rigid devotion to the right-wing agenda of the billionaire Koch brothers is bad for New Mexico,” Webber said in a statement while announcing the ad. “We need a Governor who will focus on creating the jobs New Mexicans need and the schools our children deserve.”

The ad also mentions that Webber agrees with raising the minimum wage.

The ad will air on broadcast and cable starting today and will air through May 20, according to his campaign.

While the Charles and David Koch aren’t well-known, those who do know the name, especially Democrats, tend to have a negative opinion of them. The two are billionaires who fund a variety of conservative and libertarian causes.

Webber is the second Democrat to put an ad on the air ahead of the primary. Lawrence Rael already has an ad on the air.

Webber has already aired a radio ad, which was also critical of Martinez. That ad targeted Martinez over audio leaked to Mother Jones magazine, a politically liberal magazine, from a debate prep session in 2010.

Martinez, who has no opponents in the Republican primary, has already aired two ads. Both were positive spots.

The transcript of the ad:

Webber: The Koch brothers choppered into New Mexico just like this. Out of state billionaires looking to spread their radical agenda here. Susana Martinez may take orders from them. I never will.

I’m Alan Webber. I’ll invest in early childhood education. End tax breaks to out of state corporations. And up the minimum wage so folks can actually live on it.

Those are my ideas. I want to hear yours. Because it’s time we had a Governor who listened to you, not them.


Martinez spokesman Chris Sanchez:

“Alan Webber’s bizarre attack against Governor Martinez lacks any credibility — particularly since he’s taken a greater percentage of out-of-state contributions than any other candidate, and it’s even stranger that he would attack out-of-state millionaires when he himself is an out-of-state millionaire who is completely out of touch with New Mexicans. All New Mexicans will need to know about Alan Webber’s extremism is that he called for $4.50 per gallon mandatory minimum gas prices to force people to drive green cars.”

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  1. The Martinez campaign false equivalence engine is at full throttle again.