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Johnson wants to run for Pres again

Gary JohnsonFresh off of getting one percent of the vote in 2012, Gary Johnson told the Huffington Post that he would like to run for President again.

Johnson ran as the candidate for the Libertarian Party.

Johnson promises no pandering to voters; he promises to just tell the truth.

If he does decide to run for a second time, of course.

“If I do [run], there will be no delusions this time around,” he said. “The notion that somebody needs to be out there telling the truth — believe me the truth is always subject to tweaking — I think its kind of fun to be the one person out there that’s actually telling it like it is.

“Use immigration as an example,” he went on. “I can’t tell you how sorta, kinda, frustrating it is to listen to Iowans talk about immigration and tell me what a scourge illegal immigration is and immigration in general. What do they know about it? I’m the border state. I’m New Mexico. Give me a break. Let me tell you about it. How about that?”

Or, as HuffPo reporter Sam Stein said on Twitter, he would “go full Bulworth,” referring to a 1998 Warren Beatty movie probably best known for the song “Ghetto Supastar” by Pras, featuring rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard and R&B singer Mýa.

Johnson told Newsmax earlier this month that he would like to run for the Libertarian Party nomination.

Johnson is a former two-term governor from New Mexico. Johnson was a Republican back then, but after gaining no traction as a Republican candidate for President, Johnson changed his party affiliation to the Libertarian Party.

He then ran an outsider campaign and received 0.99 percent of the national vote, the best showing for a Libertarian Party candidate in decades and the best showing for a third-party candidate since Ralph Nader in 2000.

Johnson has received the most attention from his support for the legalization of marijuana. He is the President and CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc., a company that seeks to market marijuana products in places where marijuana is legal.

This includes Colorado and Washington in the United States in addition to Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C., which each voted to legalize the use of recreational marijuana this year.

Former Gov. Bill Richardson ran for President in 2008, but dropped out of the Democratic primary race early. Susana Martinez has been a rumored candidate for president or vice president in 2016, but has consistently denied any interest.

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