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Want to advertise on New Mexico Telegram or the Morning Word?

Its easy — just provide the picture you want used and what you want it to link to.

There will be an extra charge of 4 percent for any credit card transactions. Payments by check or Paypal transfers will not have the same charge.

Web-based ads

On the website, NM Telegram offers three ad sizes right now — 300 by 250, 180 by 150 or 150 by 80. The first two are ad sizes set by the International Advertising Bureau and the third is specific to what looks best on this site. I would be willing to work with advertisers who wish to have a different size.

The 300 by 250 ads will cost $230 for four weeks, the 180 by 150 ads will cost $200 for four weeks and the 150 by 80 ads will cost $150 for four weeks. For lengths of time of over four weeks, the additional weeks would be the same per-week average.

There is also the option to do ads on a week-by-week basis, but the prices would be slightly higher.

On a per week basis, the 300 by 250 ad is $65 per week, the 180 by 150 ad is $55 per week and the 150 by 80 ad is $45 per week. This applies for any purchase of less than four weeks.

All ads would go in the right-hand column on the site and appear on all pages of the website. Theses will appear on all posts and pages on the website.

Morning Word ads

Ads for the Morning Word, the site’s most popular posts that happen each weekday, can be added to the daily posts themselves, to the email list of free subscribers.

The ads for the on the site could vary in size, but those on the email list would need to be square because of the way the emails are formatted. The ads on the email list could also include up to 150 characters in text.

The ads on the Morning Word posts themselves would be 180×180 and cost $30 per week. I would be willing to work with those who would prefer a different size.

The ads on the email list would be 160×160 and would cost $25 per week. It would, as said above, also have up to 150 characters in text.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Note, rates were updated on March 1, 2013.

Morning Word ad rates added June 19, 2013.

Ad rates were updated on March 14, 2014 and new 150 by 80 ad size added.

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  1. Lisa Gover says:

    I have always appreciated reading Matthew’s updates on the legislative session. Good luck on your funding raising goal – I am glad to help. LG

  2. Dominic says:

    I, also, find the NM Telegram as a one stop and great source for local news from around state.
    I look forward to the daily updates.

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